Exceptional customer service and fun fresh ideas are our forte and passion!

Ari Lynn Events is a boutique event rental company specializing in event rentals and styling solutions for dessert tables, beverage stations, and tablescapes for all types of celebrations and weddings.

Our passion is to transcend our clients' imagination and deliver a picture-perfect reality. By layering details we strive to achieve the exact look and feel our clients desire and the innovation they crave.

My reputation and relationships are all thanks to the referrals received from satisfied clients.

Thank you so much for visiting!!

I’m a native of the elegance, opulence, seduction, and romance that is New Orleans. For as long as I can remember my family celebrated every moment of life imaginable and would pull out all the crystal, special glassware, cutlery, any and alodds and ends imaginable to make the even different and special. 

In 2011 I moved to Chicago and graduated a few years later from Kendall College. After college traveled and backpacked for few years to Europe, Southeast Asia, and The Amazon Rainforest (Top of my bucket list is to stand atop the Pyramids of Egypt).   

Eventually settling back in Chicago, I founded Ari Lynn Events in 2018, named for my two nieces Brooklynn and Arianna. I share with my clients my family's love and appreciation for good food and presentation. 

I see myself as an event artisan as much as an entrepreneur, a man who simply follows his passions — is this business Risky? I suppose, but if you’re led by your heart, you’ll land on your feet. I think I exude that — it draws people to me, and in return, I inspire that spirit in them. It may sound like a lot, but I’m an Aries and Enneagram 7 and sometimes 4 so I welcome creative projects that keep things fresh and exciting.

“Shoot for the moon, and if you miss it, hang on to a star.” - Dolomite